Mechanical Processing Industrial Sector

We produce turned, milled, drilled and finished products of medium-high complexity.

We are specialized in the machining of parts in super alloys (HRSA), Inconel or titanium, obtained both from solid and from semi-finished products (forged or cast).

We manage parts with operations performed externally for special processes such as heat treatments, EDM processing, checks with penetrating liquids, etc., using qualified and certified companies.

An MRP system allows us to manage orders with complex production cycles in a timely manner, always having the progress of the work in real time.


We have a first-rate machine tool department including:

  • N ° 1 PUMA 300 cnc horizontal lathe (turning diameter 280 x 600L)
  • N ° 1 PUMA 400 cnc motorized lathe (turning diameter 560 x 1100L)
  • N ° 1 PUMA 500 cnc horizontal lathe (turning diameter 800 x 1500L)
  • N ° 1 Dekel DMU 60T 5-axis continuous machining center
  • N ° 1 vertical machining center Dekel 104 v linear (strokes 1100x600x600)
  • N ° 1 vertical machining center MAS 1270 (strokes 1270x620x750)


The department consists of:

  • 1 department manager
  • 8 operators
  • 1 department manager
  • 2 testers

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