Mechanical Processing Industrial Sector

Mechanical Processing Industrial Sector

Turned, milled and drilled products are produced, mainly for the world of special bearings.

It varies from small batches / samples (10 pieces) to medium-large batches, being able to use robotic lines. The core business is represented by particularly complex and precise types of bearings. The department structured to work on subcontracted material or in full supply. We are able to provide details identified by micro-dot stamping, while for heat and surface treatments we rely on qualified suppliers.
Production is managed through the MRP software, which allows us to evaluate the processing status in real time and, therefore, delivery times and to carry out a precise analysis of times and costs.


• N ° 2 PUMA 300 cnc turning lines Max. Turning diameter. 460 x 600L
• N ° 2 PUMA 200 2SP twin-spindle cnc lathes max. 250 x 200L
• N ° 1 PUMA 8 2SP twin-spindle cnc lathes max. 250 x 200L
• N ° 3 PUMA 250 2SP twin-spindle cnc lathes max. 390 x 200L
• N ° 2 horizontal cnc lathes LYNX 200 Max. Turning diameter. 180 x 150L
• N ° 2 PUMA 250 cnc horizontal lathes Max. Turning diameter. 380 x 150L
• N ° 2 horizontal cnc machining centers HP400-HP5100
• N ° 2 PUMA 400 cnc vertical lathes Max. Turning diameter. 550 x 400L
• N ° 2 PUMA 200 cnc horizontal lathes Max. Turning diameter. 300 x 600L
• N ° 3 automatic stamping stations


The department consists of:

• 1 department manager
• 3 shift managers
• 18 operators
• 1 warehouse worker


Gruppo Shaffler (INA + FAG) (machine tool bearings)
Mibex (industrial and railway bearings)
LIBE (high precision bearings)
Massucco Industrie (bearings for industry)
Valbormida (transmission parts)

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